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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

Mike at SERVPRO was so helpful to us when we had a water leak that filled our basement and first-floor bathroom with water. He walked us through the process they use to dry out the house and checked in with us every step of the way over the few days they were doing work in our home. Highly recommend them for any kind of work like this.

I got a call one morning while I was at work from a contractor who had stopped by to do a job. When he opened the basement door he found a completely flooded basement. The pipe to a hose had frozen and burst sometime during the winter. I had just recently started using the hose to water plants and my habit was to turn the faucet on and turn it off when I was finished. The evening before I had not turned off the hose so for around 20 hours water spewed across my finished family room. there are four other rooms in my basement and they were all flooded. I didn't have any idea how I was going to handle this so I called SERVPRO. Mike showed up within the hour, took one look at the situation, and declared, we do this all the time, I've got this. His team arrived and they began the clean up. This was on a Thursday evening about 3pm and by 1:00 the next day the demolition was done and every item was removed, loaded onto a truck to be disposed of, and the dehumidifiers and fans in place. I was incredibility grateful for the service this team provided. I hope I never have another leak in my basement but if I did I would without hesitation call them again.

I sustained water damage to my bathroom, & bedroom floors and garage ceiling and called Serve Pro upon making the discovery. They agreed to come to my house immediately to assess the situation and then came back promptly with all of their drying equipment which they set up to mitigate the damage. They came to my house every day for 5 days to assess the progress, locked up my home afterwards and called to report. The bill was submitted directly to my insurance carrier. I felt they were trustworthy to be in my home and was I very happy with their service.

Recently, a broken pipe in our new home led to quite a bit of damage. Literally, after our insurance agent left our home and made a referral to SERVPRO, we received a call from SERVPRO who offered to inspect our home that same night. -Work started the next morning at 9:30. We are very satisfied with their speed, thoroughness, communication, and attention to detail. -It wasn’t an easy job, nor a fun one but no one on the crew expressed that to us. We would definitely recommend SERVPRO to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation. 

When your sewer backs up you leave the house. You call a capable plumber to clear the drain so the sewage drains out and then you better call SERVPRO to clean up the mess and make your home safe again. Why SERVPRO, especially SERVPRO of Bangor and Ellsworth Maine? Because the owner, Mike, over delivers and will do everything right to get you back to “happy”. This was my second time with these guys as a water pipe broke while I was in Florida a few years ago and they did a great job getting our cellar cleaned up. This time I had no hesitation in calling them again. Also, my insurance company totally agreed with my decision. SERVPRO was fast, thorough, and made my wife and me “happy” again. Thank you Mike and your team of professionals. 

SERVPRO was a very responsible and professional group. They were able to take care of our water damage very quickly with no disruptions to our congregation. Just wanted to let you know that we are totally impressed with the work you and your crew did and are telling everyone about it! We will highly recommend you to anyone who might need your services. Thanks again for all the great work.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your prompt and excellent service in cleaning up the water damage. You and your crew were here in less than 2 hours following my call, and promptly went to work to minimize the effects of the flooding. Your efforts went a long way to minimizing our financial losses and also minimizing our client inconveniences.