Commercial Photo Gallery

Fire Suppression Foam

Commercial fire suppression systems are designed to quickly and efficiently extinguish fires. For facilities such as aircraft hangars, large amounts of suppression foam is sprayed into the area, spreading rapidly and extinguishing the fire.

Fortunately, the system we encountered did it's job well. Unfortunately, it was triggered when there wasn't a fire...and subsequently filled the structure with foam!

Pigeon Infestation - We'll Clean Almost Any Mess!

A Bangor-area university was having issues with pigeons nesting inside of the vents for an air evacuation system. Unfortunately, they were making a rather sizable mess and creating an unsanitary environment for the ventilation system as a whole.

Although it's not something we normally tackle, we were able to rectify the situation in short order!

Commercial Facility Suffers Water Main Break

This office - and a large portion of the building in question - suffered significant flooding after the water main broke, causing hundreds of gallons of water to pour into the building. Once the pipe was repaired, our crew was able to move in, extract the water and dry everything out!

Soggy Carpets in Bucksport

The carpets in this Bucksport-area church were quite saturated by the time the water leak had been corrected. While we were able to remove the water and dry out the flooring, the carpet had to be removed. Unfortunately, not everything can be saved after a water loss of this severity.

Air Mover at a Commercial Loss

After extracting the water from a large water loss in a Bangor-area restaurant facility, we set up a number of air movers to help facilitate the drying process. This is just one of the many pieces of equipment we use to make disasters "Like it ever even happened."

Water Loss in a Bangor-Area Hotel

This Bangor-area hotel experienced some plumbing issues, resulting in a sizable water loss that required shutting down an entire floor to rectify. Fortunately, our crew was able to efficiently extract the water and dry the area out, resulting in minimal downtime.