Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Hurricane Irene Response

When disaster struck New York and New Jersey in 2011, the SERVPRO of Bangor/Ellsworth team answered the call and was available to help. Post-hurricane damage can be quite extensive, especially when basements are involved.

Storm Team Support

Whenever a major disaster strikes - such as a hurricane - SERVPRO is able to respond unlike any other restoration company in the country. This particular photo was taken in the New York/New Jersey area during when we were part of the Storm Team sent to the area.

Hurricane Sandy - Storm Team Support

Our crews were once again called to help support restoration efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We found extensive water damage in a number of homes, but were able to properly dry everything out and get them ready for reconstruction.

Hurricane Sandy - Flooded Basements

Hurricane Sandy did more than just bring heavy wind and rainfall; the storm caused significant flooding throughout the affected area. Fortunately, our crews are well-equipped and capable of removing virtually any amount of water out of a basement!

New Jersey Storm Event - 2011

Our crews were once again called upon to support in the cleanup efforts after a large storm even struck New Jersey. We went to great efforts in order to ensure this particular facility was properly restored and ready to reopen for business.

New Hampshire 2010 Storm Event

Our crews have been called upon to help support other areas during major storm events on a number of occasions. This particular storm brought our crews to New Hampshire, where we helped extract water and dry out a number of affected homes.